Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Intro to my Decade of Dissabration

I think it was when I was a senior in high school when I had my first major blows concerning Discouragement. I mean I am the product of divorced parents and had a member of my immediate family that was on and off addicted to crack (causing loss of cars,home/apartments, etc..), so dark times, tragedy, devastation, no big. I think I’m more used to tragedy than peace, truth be told. It’s made evident in the fact that when things are going well for I dunno any longer than a month, I start to look over my shoulder.  

So no I am not speaking of the inevitable “rough times,” no  what I am speaking of is let downs, disappointments… disturbances if you will.

The last 10 years (my twenties) have been an absolute doozy.

The question on the table is, when your plan miserably fails, when what should be the natural next step never happens, or when happenstance interrupts your course, what do you do? How do you recover?

This blog will be a series of reflections, lessons and impartations. It will force me to look at my past and present self, be transparent and walk out what I’m writing about.

But before I can break it down into mini nuggets, I think I owe you a timeline of errrr… lets just call them dissabrations (dissappointments and celebrations). There are so many moments but I will limit this to those that impacted what I will be discussing in future blogs.

2001 - I graduated high school valedictorian. I also got dumped by my high school sweet heart who I’d been dating since freshman year. I also found out that although I was a valedictorian, I didn’t have the bomb scholarship I thought all valedictorians automatically get.  I got accepted to UNF and got a non renewable 1 year grant.

2002 – I started dating the man of my dreams. College sweetheart was in full effect! I also started attending YVOG, an amazing campus bible study. I met my sister Leslie. I joined Bethel Baptist Institutional Church.

2003 – I started on the pre-pharmacy track, became a CPhT and worked at Walgreens.

2004 – I left Walgreens and started a job that compensated my school schedule, a private hospice company that employed pharmacy tech. I moved into my own apartment. I joined a singing group.

2005 – I left UNF for a year and completed the program to become a licensed massage therapist. My pharm job was moved to Alabama, forcing me to take a downsizing package. I was a stage manager for the 1st time. I met my bestie. I joined dance ministry at church.

2006 – I started taking ballet classes at a local studio for the first time in my life! I worked at a neuromuscular massage clinic. It went out of business.

2007 – I pledged Delta Sigma Theta sorority and I “unofficially” graduated college with my Biology degree. Several fall outs with with close family members.

2008 – My 2nd dad passed away, I was hired and ten months later was downsized from my “grown up job” at Vistakon, my college sweetheart broke up with me, I “officially” graduated college. I met the YVOG eboard crew. I went up 4 dress sizes.

2009 – Started YVOG praise dancers. I started and ended 2nd job at state farm.

2010 – I started program at FSCJ to for Medical Technologist (fancy word for lab scientist) only to switch to Entertainment Technology/Dance. I left my job for a better gig, from which I was fired from not meeting quota. I attended campus harvest for 1st time. I started sending promise scriptures.

2011 – I had to pause school. I was hired as a stage manager for a theater production company for 1st time. I was hired to my 2nd “grown up job.” I quit my 2nd “grown up job.” I was  hired to a “less grown up” job. I joined my first pre-professional dance company. My immediate family moved in with me. I became an auntie. I joined choir at church. I went down 2 dress sizes. I was delivered from opinions.

2012 – I went down 2 more dress sizes. I FULLY let go of my past relationships. I rejoined dance ministry at church. I got hired for 1st time as a production manager. I got a place with a family member. I moved out of the place with my family member. My church did Team 52. I started a new relationship. I started a 2nd job.

It’s a lot right? So many changes. So many starts and stops. WELCOME TO MY LIFE. If you follow this blog, you will learn so much. About careers, relationships, finances. About discernment, decision making, how following God can make you look crazy.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

My next blog? Will be What God says versus what I said versus what makes sense: how to balance it all.

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